About us

In middle of 2003, seeing the need of count on products that up to that moment did not exist in the equine veterinarian market, it came up the idea, of two veterinarians (father and son), to associate to the veterinarian laboratory Prof. E. Capaul e hijos, and decided to develop a new line of veterinary medicinal products specifics for sport equines. The professional exercise of both veterinarians in the subject and the laboratory career allowed creating original products.

The Firm, Sport Horse S.A, was finally constituted in March of 2004.
It was registered in SENASA (National Service of Animal Sanity) as a veterinarian laboratory and started the research and development stage to establish the products registration.
Years later we started obtaining the registration of our first products.
From that moment and up to the present, we have been seeking to continue with a therapeutic specifics and high performance line.

With own recipes, most of them exclusive and innovative, and always looking for the needs of professionals dedicated to sports equines and of high performance, is the reason why we keep maintaining the same line of processes to reach, in less than ten years of our idea, to more of 30 specific products for Sport Horses, which commercialize in our country and in the rest of the world.


For being a veterinarian pharmaceutical line with diverse formulation and having in the most of the cases the need of using them in the sport equine, we have the proud to say that is the first Argentinian laboratory of products to the equine that mention in its indications: the retreats times, or the description of limited use in places with anti-doping control or no-restriction uses in this aspect.

In response to the demand of foreign countries, we have already registered products in Panamá, Paraguay, Bolivia, and we created in 2013, the department of trade market to keep opening new markets.






Our Objectives

Our objective is that Sport Horse be a veterinarian laboratory exclusive for sport equines known for:

· The controlled quality in all the processes. (raw material buying, elaboration, control in the quality of the finish product)

· The results obtained in the uses of the products

· Exclusive and high performance products

· Presentation, packaging, and design

· For quick assistance to clients needs

· Keeping a commercial behavior

· Profitability to our partnerships in the commercial chain

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